John Matthew Fabian, PSY.D., J.D., ABPP  is both a board certified forensic and clinical psychologist, and fellowship trained clinical neuropsychologist. Dr. Fabian has a local and national practice specializing in criminal and civil forensic psychological and neuropsychological evaluations.
Dr. Fabian was formerly director of a state court psychiatric clinic, and he has worked and testified in adult and juvenile court psychiatric clinics, a state forensic hospital, and a Federal Bureau of Prison forensic center. Dr. Fabian also has extensive experience working as a clinical neuropsychologist at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Center for Neuropsychological Services, and at the Veteran’s Administration Polytrauma Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD Unit. Dr. Fabian has evaluated and testified as a forensic psychologist and neuropsychologist across the United States. He is a recognized expert in violence and sexual violence risk assessment. In addition to teaching courses in forensic psychology, neuropsychology and the law, and violence risk assessment, he is published in law review, peer review, and bar journals.