Forensic Psychologist

2006 – Present

Independent Practice- Forensic & Clinical Psychology (Multi-state practice)

Pretrial Forensic Psychological Evaluations: Competency to Waive Miranda Rights, Competency to Stand Trial, Sanity, Mens Rea, Diminished Capacity

Risk Assessment: Sexual Violence (Megan’s Law and Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators, Violence Risk Assessment

Capital Litigation: Competency to Waive Appeals, Mitigation & Execution; Mitigation at Capital Sentencing; Mental Retardation Evaluations; Future Dangerousness

Juvenile Forensic Psychological Evaluations: Competency to Waive Miranda Rights, Competency to Stand Trial, Mens Rea, Waiver to Adult Court, Juvenile Sex Offender Evaluation, Juvenile Homicide

Civil Forensic Psychological Evaluations: Personal Injury Examinations in Torts for Emotional Distress, Assessing Employment Discrimination and Harassment Tort Claims, Disability and Workers’ Compensation claims


2006 – Present

Neurology & Neuroscience Associates, Inc.
Akron, Ohio

Provide neuropsychological and clinical psychological assessments on brain injured patients, patients with dementia and seizure disorders Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Juvenile Court Division.

County of Cuyahoga Juvenile Diagnostic Clinic
Cleveland, Ohio

Consulting psychologist performing delinquency-disposition/mitigation and treatment evaluations, competency to stand trial, violence/sexual violence risk assessments, bind over/waiver to adult court evaluations.

Forensic Psychologist

2004 – 2006

State Operated Forensic Services at Minnesota Security Hospital
St. Peter, Minnesota

Provided specialized forensic evaluation services to the courts and comprehensive services to assigned Forensic Services patients. Forensic evaluations include: competency to stand trial, not guilty by reason of insanity, Commitment evaluations including Mentally Ill, Mentally Ill and Dangerous, Sexually Dangerous Persons, Sexual Psychopathic Personality. Provided expert consultation and testimony to courts and special review boards. Provided technical consultation and direction to a broad spectrum of other clinicians, the courts, and community care providers in the field of forensic psychology. Provided specialized consultation to treatment teams in multiple programs serving the mentally ill, chemically dependent, developmentally disabled, and sex offender populations throughout the State Operated Forensic Services network in Minnesota. Provided in depth evaluation and training relevant to violence and sexual violence risk assessments.

Forensic Psychologist Consultant

2004 – 2005

Federal Bureau of Prisons-Federal Correctional Institution
Waseca, Minnesota

Performed pre-trial forensic psychological evaluations and expert testimony for federal courts, including: competency to stand trial, not guilty by reason of insanity, and violence risk.

Forensic Psychologist Court Psychologist

1999 – 2004

Forensic Psychiatric Clinic of Lake County Court of Common Pleas Court Psychologist & Adult Probation Department
Lake County, Ohio

Performed pre-trial forensic psychological evaluations including: competency to stand trial, not guilty by reason of insanity, competency to testify as a witness, and competency to waive Miranda rights. Conducted pre-sentence and pre-parole Sex Offender Classification (HB180) evaluations for community registration and notification pursuant to Ohio’s Megan’s Law. Collaborated with the sex offender registration and notification deputy officer regarding sexual offenders released into the community. Consulted with detectives regarding internet pornography cases. Performed violence risk assessments of offenders and mentally ill offenders, conditional release evaluations, pre-sentence mitigation evaluations including psychiatric factors in the crime, psychological status, and psychiatric recommendations regarding disposition, drug and alcohol dependency mitigation evaluations, and Treatment in Lieu of Conviction sentencing evaluations. Consulted with judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and probation/parole departments regarding special cases and sentencing recommendations. Provided expert testimony for the court.

Assessed inmate crises in the jail and occasional suicide risk assessments. Provided in-service training to probation staff, attorneys, and judges. Assessed patient psychiatric medication needs with jail psychiatrist.

Death Penalty Evaluations

Ohio Public Defender Commission, Ohio Attorney General’s Office

Common pleas court appointments, county common pleas, and court appointed defense counsel. Evaluated defendants for death penalty mitigation, post-conviction appeal evaluations, competency to be executed, competency to waive appeals, mental retardation claims pursuant to State of Ohio v. Lott and Atkins v. Virginia.

2000 – 2004

Consultant to Forensic Psychiatric Clinic, Public Defenders Offices, Area Common Pleas Courts, Prosecutor’s Offices, Private Defense

Forensic Psychiatric Center of Northeast Ohio, Inc.

Performed evaluations including: not guilty by reason of insanity, competency to stand trial, Sex Offender Classification.