Forensic/Psychology Intern
(Full APA Accreditation)

1998 – 1999

Northwest Ohio Consortium for Internship Training in Professional Psychology Medical College of Ohio
Toledo, Ohio

Performed forensic psychological evaluations for the courts. Provided expert witness court testimony for sexual predator hearings. Evaluations included: Sex Offender Classification (HB180), violence risk assessment, competency to stand trial, not guilty by reason of insanity, pre-sentence, pre-sentence drug dependency, observed juvenile bind over and child custody and visitation evaluations. Conducted diagnostic assessments for sex offenders. Co-facilitated sex offender treatment groups through the Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP), and anger management treatment group. Conducted individual psychotherapy, psychological testing, and diagnostic assessments with clients from Division of Work Release, Lucas County Correctional Treatment Facility, Lucas County Jail, Lucas County Adult Probation Department, United States Probation/Parole, and two community mental health centers. Provided consultation services to various community agencies. Presented didactics concerning such topics as psychotherapy and sexual recidivism. Attended clinical case and staff meetings. Observed court expert witness testimony.
Supervisor: Jon Pansky, Ph.D., Alice Holly, Ph.D.

Other Rotations Completed

Flower Rehabilitation Center

Conducted neuropsychological screens for neuropsychological deficits with adults who have or are suspected of having neurological damage or disease states. Identified atypical performance on neuropsychological assessment instruments and referred patients for neuropsychological evaluations. Critically reviewed neuropsychological reports and applied evaluation results in treatment issues. Participated in forensic evaluations related to neurological damage as well as consultations to the general hospital floors.

University of Toledo Counseling Center and Student Medical Center

Conducted intake evaluations, individual therapy, couples therapy. Participated in staff and service meetings, case preparations, and crisis stabilization counseling. Provided diagnostic and evaluation services. Provided counseling for international psychotherapy. Provided preventative and educational functions, including seminars and workshops on sexuality, rape prevention, and consultation with various university offices.
Supervisor: Jean Haefner, Ph.D.

Harbor Behavioral Healthcare

Co-facilitated juvenile sex offender treatment group based on cognitive/ behavioral relapse prevention model.
Supervisor: Bob Cooley, Ph.D.

Student Intern

Summer, 1998

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors Office
Cleveland, Ohio

Shadowed assistant county prosecutors and public defenders in following assignments: Major Trial Division, Drug Unit, Child Protection Counsel (Child Sex Crimes Unit), Appeals Division, and General Legal Counsel Division. Exposed to Mentally Disordered Offenders Program and Juvenile Justice System.

Therapy Practicum Student

1997 – 1998

Metropolitan Correction Center
Federal Bureau of Prisons
United States Department of Justice
Chicago, Illinois

Provided individual and group psychotherapy to inmates and individual treatment to sex offenders. Performed psychological intake assessments, structured clinical interviews and assessments, substance abuse assessments for treatment, forensic screens, fitness for disciplinary hearing officers, and suicide risk assessment. Wrote case notes, formulated treatment plans and wrote termination notes under supervision of licensed clinical psychologists. Co-facilitated three group therapies, including: anger management group, substance abuse group, and values group. Attended medication clinics with staff psychologist and psychiatrist. Attended department head staff meetings. Attended hostage negotiation training. Participated in panel interviews of potential employees. Facilitated communication skills training for officers.
Completion of 900 clinical hours.
Supervisors: Daniel Greenstein, Psy.D., John Pindelski, Ph.D.

Diagnostic Assessment Practicum Student
(Full APAP Accreditation)

1997 – 1998

Isaac Ray Center and Section on Psychiatry and Law Cermak Health Services for Cook County Department of Corrections
Chicago, Illinois

Performed intelligence and personality assessments (selected, administered, scored, and interpreted psychological batteries) with male and female inmate population under supervision of licensed clinical psychologist. Psychological evaluations included standard cognitive and personality tests in addition to forensic tests. Conducted psychological screenings in Intensive Treatment Unit. Provided individual therapy, facilitated and co-facilitated four structured group therapies, including: anger management group, victimization group, self-esteem group, and values group. Facilitated bi-weekly substance abuse support groups for dual diagnosis unit. Attended medication clinics with psychologist and psychiatrist. Participated in case conferences and treatment team staffing. Attended didactics for mental health staff. Participated in court ordered forensic evaluation at Cook County Court Psychiatric Unit.
Completion of 788 clinical hours.
Supervisors: Carl Alaimo, Psy.D., Gary B. Kanuik, Psy.D.

Specialized Training

February, 2006

Hare Psychopathy Checklist Revised training (Hare PCL-R) with Robert Hare, Ph.D. and Adelle Forth, Ph.D.
St. Paul, Minnesota

March, 2000

Hare Psychopathy Checklist Revised training with Robert Hare, Ph.D. Sex Offender Evaluation Training, Dennis Doren, Ph.D., Douglas Epperson, Ph.D., Karl Hanson, Ph.D., Vernon Quinsey
Madison, Wisconsin