Dr. John Fabian is board certified by the American Board of professional Psychology (ABPP) in both forensic and clinical psychology. ABPP provides peer and public recognition of demonstrated competence in an approved specialty area in professional psychology. ABPP certification represents the highest certification available in professional psychology in the United States.

The American Board of Forensic Psychology

The American Board of Forensic Psychology (ABFP) originated from a Specialty Certification Study Committee of the American Psychology-Law Society. ABFP was established in 1978 to protect consumers of forensic psychological services by establishing, promoting, and revising the standards and qualifications for those who practice forensic psychology and certifying as specialists in Forensic Psychology those voluntary applicants who qualify under the standards established by the board. The ABFP operates as a specialty of the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP).

Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology is a distinct specialty pertaining to the interface of psychology and the law. The ABFP defines the specialty broadly as the application of the science and the profession of psychology to the questions and issues relating to the law and the legal system.

Foundation Areas in Forensic Psychology

  • Research Design, Methodology, and Statistical Analysis applied to forensic areas
  • Ethical Issues in Assessment, Treatment, Consultation, Research, and Program Evaluation related to forensic issues
  • Fundamentals of Law
  • Application of Psychology in Legal Contexts
  • Law Affecting Psychological Practice
  • Testimonial Accuracy

The American Board of Clinical Psychology

The American Board of Clinical Psychology (ABCP) is a member board of the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). The latter board oversees the standards and operations of its 13 member boards. The ABCP is responsible for establishing criteria related to the definition, education, training, competencies, and the examination leading to certification as a specialist in Clinical Psychology. The ABCP is governed by members, board certified in clinical psychology and representative of the specialty on a national basis.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is both a general practice and a health service provider specialty in professional psychology. Clinical psychologists provide professional services related to the diagnosis, assessment, evaluation, treatment, and prevention of psychological, emotional, and psychophysiological, and behavioral disorders in individuals across the life-span. The services provided by clinical psychologists typically include: conduct of clinically relevant research, assessment, intervention, consultation, and supervision/teaching/management.

Certification in Clinical Psychology

Board certification assures the public and profession that the clinical psychologist specialist has successfully complete the education, training, and experience requirements of the specialty including an individualized, peer-review examination designed to assess the competencies required to provide quality services in clinical psychology. Specialties, by definition, are advance levels of practice of doctoral-trained individuals whose competencies are discriminately higher than the basic level of competence certified by state licensure.