Why Dr. John Matthew Fabian

Dr. John Matthew Fabian is one of only a few national experts who have specialized education, training, and experience in the three areas of:

  1. Forensic Psychology
  2. Forensic Neuropsychology
  3. Law
  • Dr. Fabian is able to provide unparalleled forensic assessment, consultation, and testimony in matters related to extreme mental illness, brain structure and function, and their application to legal issues, both criminal and civil in nature.
  • Dr. Fabian has invaluable forensic and clinical experience and acumen in examining the most extreme and complex psychological and psychiatric conditions as well as brain dysfunction and impairments, while having the legal knowledge and training to provide informative and practical opinions to assist the trier of fact.
  • Dr. Fabian is able to integrate forensic neuropsychological assessment with legal questions, statutory requirements, and relevant case law.
  • Dr. Fabian emphasizes conceptualizing his cases from both psychological and neuropsychological perspectives.
  • Dr. Fabian has particular expertise in evaluating and testifying on matters related to PTSD and complex trauma and traumatic brain injury.
  • Dr. Fabian often accentuates in cases a “triad-diagnosis” model, in which so many patients present with histories of 1) mental illness; 2) brain injury and neurocognitive dysfunction 3) chemical dependency.